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Misr Emirates Company is one of the leading companies in the field of the latest production lines
Aluminum kitchens of all kinds.
We have been hearing for a long time that aluminum kitchens are more practical and can last longer
Traditional kitchens. This is very true because aluminum kitchens are really practical because...
You take advantage of small spaces. Aluminum is considered one of the most important and famous manufacturing raw materials
This is because it is distinguished by its solidity and strength, in addition to:
Metal kitchens are characterized by being very easy to disassemble, which is useful in the event that...
Your apartment is for rent because it will be easy to move from one apartment to another, or if you get bored of the shape
The kitchen and my idea to change it at any time
Unlike wooden kitchens, metal kitchens are very easy to clean as well
Cleaning it is quick and will not take time, effort, or even large amounts of material
Cleaning fluids. Just wash it with soap and water and it will come back clean and new
Effortlessly. You also do not need to be afraid of water when washing, because it is against
Metal kitchens are considered an unsuitable environment for insect growth because insects
It lives inside burrows that it digs inside wood, because the wood is composed of
Minor pores, but alumetal does not consist of pores, and that is why there is no
A place for insects in any alumetal kitchen. Unlike wood and other materials
Which can be a very suitable environment for insects.
One of the advantages of Alumetal kitchens is that you can choose their colors from among the colors
A lot, according to the colors of your apartment's decorations, and make the kitchen fit in its colors
The whole apartment.
One of the most important features of Alumetal kitchens is that they are fire resistant, and this is an important thing
Great for any kitchen. The fire is one of the accidents that may happen in the kitchen because of the presence
The cooker, if God forbid, any fire, even if it was small, would not affect the kitchens
Alumetal, unlike wood kitchens, reacts very quickly to fire.
- Aluminum kitchens also have many advantages that are not available in raw materials
which makes it a suitable option for many customers who want to get
The best possible quality, and here we emphasize that it is characterized by the following:
Distinctive and modern designs
Egypt Emirates kitchens are distinguished by their modern appearance and attractive colors that suit
Most of the clients
Strength and durability
The strength and durability factor are considered the most important features of aluminum kitchens. He is not affected
Time factor and works efficiently for long periods
Easy to clean-
Aluminum is an easy-to-clean material, unlike wood. It can
Easily cleaned with a damp cloth to easily remove dust
Heat tolerance
Alumetal is one of the few materials that can withstand high temperatures
The moisture present in the kitchen without being exposed to any harm is manufactured
Specifically to address these circumstances
Water resistance
One of the most important features of aluminum kitchens is their water resistance, unlike wooden kitchens
Which shortens its life due to corrosion when exposed to water
As mentioned before, alumetal kitchens are made of aluminum
Known for its ability to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and does not emit any odors
Extremely safe and flameproof
Alumetal kitchens have proven to be fireproof. Aluminum has the ability to
Withstands high temperatures, unlike wooden kitchens that flammable easily
Learn about the best types of aluminum kitchens (alumetal)
The best types of aluminum kitchens include:
- Traditional aluminum
- Alumetal cladding: The most important thing that distinguishes this type is that it has a glossy finish that attracts attention. He is
Available in bright colours, along with hardness
- Alumetal fiber: The Alumetal door is filled with fiber and is available from it
Two types, either single (single layer) or double (two layers)
Acrylic: It is considered one of the most modern materials used in the manufacture of kitchens
Modern designs, and its cabinets are made of wood because it is a material
Transparent, closer to glass
- Al-Khashmnium: This type is the best type of aluminum kitchens, and many believe
It is a mixture of wood and aluminum, but in fact it is not true because it is
100% aluminum, wooden colour
It must be emphasized that all aluminum sectors in kitchens consist of metal
Aluminum and what changes is the type of filling in the shelves and tanks

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