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 Advantages of Khashmonium
It is a modern set of colors of Khashmonium colors, but with technology
A new 3D model that features a wooden shape and texture
Wooden, which has the same features as Khasmonium, in addition to:
 Simplicity and elegance of design
Khashmonium is a solid material with beautiful finishes
Soft, the hashmonium with this technique gives the metal luxury

And simplicity at the same time, so many designers prefer it
 Non-toxic material
Khashmonium is a non-toxic substance; This is because it does not include materials
Bonds, gases, or organic compounds that can affect
Humans, and it does not cause allergies to people who suffer from it
Allergy to some chemicals
 Recyclable material
Khashmonium is an environmentally friendly material and is reusable
Recycling because it contains 25% of resistant aluminum
Stainless and recycled

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