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Aluminum windows and doors
Aluminum windows and doors are of great importance and play an important role in any facility. It is the primary source of ventilation
And prevent noise, and their role is not limited to that only, but it is an aesthetic element of the building, whether it is a service
Or residential.
If you are the owner of a home, company, factory, or office and are seeking to install aluminum windows and doors
You should know the advantages of aluminum and the most important tips for dealing with it.
Windows and doors are the first line of defense for the home against dust and noise.
In addition, it is responsible for the penetration of light into the facility and the primary source of ventilation.
There is no facility without windows and doors, so they are one of the essential elements in any building
Whether residential or service
Aluminum windows and doors have many advantages
The features that make it a major choice when purchasing include:
*Resistant to various weather factors such as heat, cold, and rust, in addition to being very durable
*It does not require permanent and continuous maintenance, unlike wooden windows, which need to be maintained from time to time
For the latest maintenance and painting
*Ease of use
*Aluminum is more compact in the sealing process, and helps in better insulation
Good noise and dust suppressant compared to other types
*Multiple shapes and colors to suit all tastes
*Possibility of installing a wire to prevent flying insects from entering the building
*It can be cleaned easily
*Prevents water leakage
*It has a distinctive exterior shape and is suitable for all tastes
*Available in many regular and aluminum colors

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