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Khasmonium is a mixture of aluminum and wood color only, aluminum materials and electrostatic paints
It is a print, and therefore the color of the wood is a microfilm print, and it does not contain anything from the wood other than the color tone.
Thus, it combines the advantages of aluminum, which is that aluminum’s environment is inhospitable to insects and fungi.
The advantages of wood are the beauty and elegance of the color of the wood
Khasmonium is one of the preferred metal colors for architects and designers
Therefore, it is considered a mineral that meets environmental and economic needs, and it is also a resistant material
It is resistant to corrosion and damage, and it lasts for long periods. Khashmonium gives the kitchen an attractive and luxurious appearance.
Here we explain the features of Khashmonium:
 Wooden colors are distinguished by their beautiful and luxurious appearance
 It has a natural shape and attractive colours.
 Ease of shaping and folding wood to match the desired design.
 Diversity in shapes and colors of chasmonium.
 Khasmonium-colored aluminum is easy to clean using water and soap, as it is resistant
To rust and corrosion.
 Alumetal is generally characterized as an unsuitable environment for the growth of bacteria and other types of bacteria
Fungi, and are not suitable for insect growth

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