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Misr Al-Emarat Company is one of the leading companies in the field of metal painting
And the production of colored aluminum sections. The company has the largest group of
Regular colours.
The company works with the latest automatic systems, including paint lines
Swiss Gamma, which gives high paint efficiency and ensures the highest quality
With the final product. All stages of production are implemented through a comprehensive system
To monitor and confirm quality
Misr Al-Emarat Company produces aluminum and painted metals
Using electrostatic powder
Painting works using electrostatic powder according to RAL colours
Manufactured in companies that all hold QUALICOAT
Electrostatic powder is divided into four main types to die
Customer requirements are as follows:
Epoxy powder: used for interior work
Polyester powder: used for external workers
Super Durbol Powder: Used for work with the highest temperatures
It is more resistant to climatic factors

We are distinguished by offering the largest range of colors to our customers
The production process begins with the product treatment stage before painting, to ensure
The efficiency of adhesion of the paint layer to the surface of the product and the quality of its resistance to corrosion
And oxidation. The treatment process varies depending on the type of metal used. And
The production process ends with painting the metal.
Egypt UAE is proud to deal with the best suppliers of used materials
In all stages of production, the treatment stage is carried out using chemicals from
The best German companies. As for the painting stage, it is done using powder
Supplier of companies holding the Qualicoat certificate
They are: Jotun, Akzo Nobel, Decoral and others
In order to ensure the highest quality standards, all of our products go through many tests
Laboratory tests to ensure the product’s resistance to many factors
Mechanical and climatic. These tests are divided into two parts,
Part of it is done inside the company’s laboratories in Egypt, the UAE, and part of it is done inside laboratories
Suppliers. Consistent with our policy of “More than customer satisfaction.”
Our customers are our main priority and our main concern, so we provide the best
After-sales service to meet all the needs and requirements of our valued customers. And
Of course, your complete satisfaction is our primary mission

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